Why Marriage Counseling Is Necessary And When To Get Counseled

Why Marriage Counseling Is Necessary And When To Get Counseled?

A marriage counselor may help you mitigate the differences in a marriage, and re-establish the same on better equations and terms.

Marriage is often painted as an auspicious bond – a bond between two people that is built solely on love and respect. However, sometimes things don’t go as we wish it would. Situational conflicts, ego clashes, and even varied work schedules often come as a barrier between two people so harshly that it evidently becomes difficult to carry on together.

Does that mean it’s time to call quits and end the marriage? Perhaps, not! Like everything else, your marriage also deserves a second chance. And it is essentially in circumstances like these that marriage counseling comes in of great help.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Often known as “couple’s therapy”, marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy, whereby a certified marriage counselor helps a couple in dispute understand the crux of their marital issue and resolve it. Marriage counseling is about trying to refine and rebuild your relationship before you actually go separate ways.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help Couples?

The prospect of divulging the secrets of your married life to a complete stranger may seem daunting to many of us. 

However, eventually, you will realize that talking to someone without being judged is not just easy but also extremely helpful to rethink about the issues in your marital life. 

Let’s look at some of the ways marriage counseling may help couples on the brink of divorce –

1) It Can Prompt You To Clarify Your Thoughts And Work On Unresolved Issues

Often the tension between couples escalates to such levels that you’re unable to ascertain your own feelings. 

Marriage counseling gives you the platform to evaluate how you feel and express them rightly. 

It Can Prompt You To Clarify Your Thoughts And Work On Unresolved Issues

A professional marriage counselor helps you to assert your feelings to your partner without being offensive. 

It facilitates communication between partners, the lack of which sometimes becomes heinous for a relationship.

2) It Helps Deepen Physical And Emotional Intimacy

Sometimes the crux of your conflict is not too much of an argument, but having no communication at all. The couples often reach a sort of ennui in their relationship, where even having sex seems like a daunting task. 

One might believe this stage to be an inevitable result of long-term relationship though it is not. 

It Helps Deepen Physical And Emotional Intimacy

Marriage experts help you to visualize your marriage through different lenses and eventually bring back the lost spark in your marriage.

3) It Helps Promotion Of Self-Awareness And Growth

Although marriage counseling implies working your marriage out, it does not pressurize you to keep up with the relationship that is toxic and inefficient. 

A good marriage therapist often helps you to think clearly – about what you as an individual want, and where exactly your and your partner’s similarities and dissimilarities reside. 

Marriage counseling does not always surmise to accepting your marriage against all adversities. And it is exactly one of the prime reasons every person undergoing a troubled phase in their relationship must undergo counseling.

When Must You Visit A Marriage Counselor?

While most modern families are aware of the services rendered by marriage counselors, many a time we fail to understand exactly when to avail those services. Here we discuss some good reasons you should visit a certified marriage counselor –

1) There’s Zero Communication Between Partners

Loss of communication, negative comments about your partners, or negative communication is often a reason for conflicts, ego clashes, and abuse (be it sexual, physical, or emotional). So, if you feel that as a couple your communication often leads to arguments, and you’re leaving each other depressed and perplexed, know that it’s time to visit a marriage counselor.

2) Infidelity Has Crossed Your Path

If anyone of you is having an affair or has had an affair, and its shadow is still lurking over your marriage, it is reason enough to visit a counselor. Recovering from an affair is a prolonged process, but if both the partners are committed to therapies, the marriage may reinstate.

3) Two People Just Staying Together

As we discussed above, often we see marriages “working” for the sake of children or good memories. However, as long as two people are not happy with each other, there’s no reason for a marriage to work. Under such circumstances, a professional therapist can help add the missing puzzle in your life and make your marriage a truly happy one.

Every marriage is meant to be imperfectly perfect. It has to be beautiful from your perspective, and not from others’ perspective. If you find your marriage not going in your preferred direction, it’s time to change gears and seek the help of a certified marriage counselor. Remember, just one appointment can change your world!