Fashion Accessories’ Styles For Short Women

Top Fashion Accessories’ Styles For Short Women

Are you someone, who absolutely adores en-vogue global fashion trends but shy away from trying out much because of being petite? 

Girl, if you have confidence and your own style, you can literally wear even a sack and look drop-dead gorgeous! Trust us in this.

From transforming a casual denim-and-tee into a party outfit, to a midnight black maxi dress into a beach attire, you can literally play crazy with silhouettes and styles if you’ve got your accessories right.

Right accessories can literally make or break a look. You might be someone wearing the classiest dresses but without appropriate accessories, you simply break your chances of being the highlight of the party. 

Petite or tall, perfect accessories can help you channelize your inner Kim Kardashian or Madonna even in the most casual or normal dress. And we will tell you how. Here’s our list of top fashion accessories for specifically our petite divas –

1. Say YES to belts

No matter what size you are, if you are petite, you definitely need skinny belts in your life. They help you define your curves right by eliminating excess volume by cinching you right at the waist. 

If you are on the slightly bigger size, you can have thick belts cinching you right at the slimmest portion of your waist. And if you are someone who is skinny, get slim belts cinch you around your mid-waist. 

Have at least two belts in your wardrobe – one in classic black and another one in tan – and you shall be good to go!

2. Play with smaller handbags

If you are into fashion, you would know how important it is to accessorize your dress with the perfect handbag. However, if you have a smaller frame, you need to keep your handbags small so that they don’t overwhelm your stature. 

If you are more into cross-body or sling bags, another pro will be to keep those whose strap-lengths are between 20 to 21.5 inches. 

In this way, you can ensure that the bag does not sit too low on the body and makes you look way shorter than you are.

3. Dainty necklaces are your best buddies

Love jewelry but don’t know what will suit your frame? Well, we have got you sorted. 

Invest in dainty and delicate necklaces that go perfectly with your frame – adding no extra volume but helping you put together an extremely easy yet classy look always. 

If you are someone who like edgy looks, you can stack up few neckpieces, but keep them shorter and thin.

4. Minimal rings, maximum appeal

Talking about jewelry, we can’t really miss out on rings, right? If you are someone who loves wearing rings or are searching for the perfect marriage/engagement rings, try and keep them absolutely sleek and stunning. 

Solitaire rings, hoop rings or simply thin bands may be just the right dose of accessories for you.

5. Chuck bellies, go for peep-toe heels

Wearing heels can add on to your height – we all know that. But what most of us are unaware of is that sometimes showing the slightest amount of skin on your feet can add much more height than you can imagine. 

So, the next time you go for shoe-shopping, instead of buying regular stilettoes or heels, go for peep-toed ones. They go great with anything – from a casual outfit to dinner gowns.

However, if you are uncomfortable in heels or are just going to shop for comfy shoes, you can chuck your regular bellies and flats for peep-toed ones. 

We promise you would love our suggestion.

6. Love earrings? Keep them dainty and simple

If you have a petite frame, stunning classic jewels are just perfect for you.

 From pearl drop earrings and dainty hoops and tear-drop shaped earrings, you can fill your closet with simplistic and minimal pieces. 

A big plus-point with these earrings are – they never go out of fashion and match all types of outfits to perfection.

Well, these were some of our tips on accessorizing a great outfit. With these tips on hand, you can literally play with all types of silhouettes without having to worry a bit about your body structure. 

However, all said and done, remember to wear your confidence on your sleeves – once you do that, accessories or not – you can slay any type of fashion game with élan!