Top 20 Women Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2020-2021

Top 20 Women Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2020-2021

Are you searching for the best health & fitness blogs for women in 2020-21? Here we’ve compiled the list for you.

As our lives have shrunk inwards due to COVID-19 pandemic, those who used to stay away from workouts also started exercising amid the lockdown. Maybe for your general fitness or just to alter your survival chances with the novel coronavirus, taking health and fitness seriously is crucial for everyone, especially women. 

As per the American Academy of Family Physicians, women’s hormonal and health risks are reduced to a great extent if they exercise regularly. With a regular regimen, women can enjoy an array of health benefits, such as reduced cholesterol, prevent diabetes, decrease cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, improve cognitive and mood functions, and gain many more advantages for better well-being. 

Therefore, you should never neglect your fitness and overall health. But what if you’re not feeling motivated or thinking that you’re already far behind your 2020 fitness goals? Or wondering what are the top women’s health blogs? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

For making things easier for you and to encourage you to stay ahead in your fitness game, we have compiled a list of 20 best women health blogs to help you get started this year – as 2020 is not over yet!

Here are the top women’s health blogs you need to check out today:

1. MyFitnessPal

Myfitnesspal Logo

MyFitnessPal is a popular blog by Under Armour Connected Fitness, a global fitness brand. This is a great blog for both beginners to advanced level fitness enthusiasts to learn more about improving their overall health and regular exercises. 

Besides workout knowledge, you’ll also find some interesting fitness product reviews and healthy recipes on this blog to match up to the latest fitness trends. 

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2. Healthy Women

Healthy Women Logo

Created for women who want to empower themselves and are conscious about their well being, Healthy Women is another fantastic blog that encourages you to gain more information about healthy living. This website pubilshes abundant content related to pregnancy, sex, relationships, parenting, healthy aging, etc. 

Moreover, readers are also provided access to various online member clinics and health clinics to help them know the status of their overall health, without leaving the comfort of their home. 

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3. The Art of Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living Health

The Art of Healthy Living is one of the best women’s health blogs offering articles about exercising supplements, as well as HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. 

Aside from that, it also features posts on general health, topics on food and nutrition, as well as the latest trends in physical well being.  

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4. Flo Living

FLO living

Being a lady, you may have heard of many myths or misinformation about menstruation from a very young age. Flo Living aims to break all those notions surrounding periods or hormonal issues associated with it. 

This blog is all about educating modern gentlewomen on how they can properly take care of their hormonal balance and nourishment during the menstruation period. 

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5. Sarah Fit


If you’re a beginner looking for some advice on fitness and clean eating, Sarah Fit is a perfect online spot for everything you want to know. 

This blog by Sarah shares all details and facts about the most effective worktops, nutritious recipes, women’s health tips, and also some motivational advice to keep you going. Besides, she provides a separate prenatal fitness guide for pregnant females. 

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6. MindbodygreenMindbodygreen

Mostly, when an individual is too focused on their physical fitness, they tend to have tunnel vision while keeping other essential factors of health sideways. However, the ‘mindbodygreen’ blog is all about curing the one-tracked minds. 

They share very informative posts on holistic wellness, including spiritual and emotional well being along with maintaining physical health. 

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7. Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle

Some passionate and experienced health professionals have come together to create the Breaking Muscle blog. 

This is a top reliable source in the fitness industry on regular exercises, health maintenance, improving fitness, and maintaining proper nutrition in 2020. It is indeed your comprehensive guide to achieve the desired health and fitness goals. 

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8. Maze Women’s Health

Maze Women's Health

For female-related sexual health issues, you need to follow the Maze Women’s Health Blog. The blog shares educational content on a full range of women’s sexual health problems. 

From low libido to pelvic floor health to pregnancy sex, the blog covers every topic that you may possiblyi want to know about in detail. 

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9. Bites of Wellness

Bites Of Wellness

Samantha Rowland, founder of Bites of Wellness, herself is a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and fitness chef. 

So, it’s obvious that these online websites will contain extensive content on workouts, wellness, and recipes for different diets, including dairy-free, low-carb, and gluten-free recipes. 

Some topics also discuss the importance of sleep in weight loss along with regular fitness and a healthy nutrition-filled diet.  

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10. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

If you’re a vegan and looking for clean and green recipes, The Oh She Glows is the perfect place to head to. The blog shares numerous vegan recipes, which is free of soy, dairy, gluten, and processed food. 

Apart from that, the founder and cookbook author, Angela Liddon, also shares her insights and inspirations to keep the readers motivated to achieve a healthy glow.

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11. Born Fitness

Born Fitness

Do you have several questions about fitness, health, and nutrition but no one to give accurate answers for your queries? Not anymore, Born Fitness is the perfect spot where all your health and fitness-related questions will be answered by various fitness experts. 

No matter if you’re a beginner or an intermediate fitness enthusiast, you will get all sorts of advice here to stay fit and motivated. 

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12. Love Sweat Fitness

Love Sweat Fitness by Katie Dunlop is a blog for helping people reach their health and fitness goals. 

Katie even shares her own fitness journey with the readers to help them stay motivated while indulging in various exercises and fitness routines.

She also shares some valuable advice on nutrition, workout tips, and daily motivation for all website visitors. 

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13. ACE

American Council on Exercise - ACE

American Council of Exercise (ACE) is one of the rich resources for health and fitness conscious females. This blog is a fitness mine that offers  you accurate information about workouts and nutrition. 

So, be ready to burst some of the fitness myths that you may have started believing in over the years. 

If you think that some of the fitness rules are not working for you, you need to consider reading ACE where you’ll be given reliable expert-level information through articles backed by scientifically proven data. 

Hence, it’s a great source of information for anyone who is fed up with wasting their time and energy in trying false fitness tips that are good for nothing.  

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14. Workout Mommy

Stronger Mom Fitness

Are you a mommy who doesn’t get enough time to workout? If so, you need to follow Workout Mommy blog right away. 

You must know that workouts do demand some real commitment. You need to adhere to a strict routine to reap the benefits of exercises. It may be an issue for mothers. But don’t freak out just yet. This blog has been tailored especially for moms so that they can stay fit without compromising with their other responsibilities. 

Workout mommy has been founded by Lisa Gulley, who is a single mother of four children. She is also a highly qualified and professional personal trainer. She got her fitness training before she became a mother and is known to be an excellent trainer. 

The best thing about her blog is that new mothers find her story very relatable, as she covers everything that ladies face during and after pregnancy. 

From shuffling hormones to growing fat, everything is explained beautifully to encourage more mothers to be aware of their health and fitness. The blog also has a segment known as “fit mommy,” where you can easily share your fitness goals and challenges that you face in day-to-day life while achieving your aim. 

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15. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls

Dieting is stressful for both body and mind. Especially when you are at work and feel like your body urgently needs calories. But, such hurdles must not keep you from achieving your fitness goal, right?  

The founders, Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters, of Fit Bottomed Girls, offer the readers amazing tips to start living a healthy life with the limited means you have. 

From healthy eating advice to transformation stories of many women like you, the blog packs a bunch of relatable content on  wellness. 

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16. Powercakes


Kasey Brown, the founder of Powercakes, is among the top ten inspiring healthy living bloggers in Self Magazine. She started this blog after receiving a positive response from the clients who benefited from her health advice. She even conducts fitness programs through this blog.

The best thing about this blog is that it encourages women to listen to their own bodies, without following any destructive diets. After all, “balance is the key” to live happily. 

There is no need to starve your body for too long and crave foods you like. You can practice a balance of right eating along with the right fitness routine to enjoy a healthy life. 

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17. Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato

It is one of the best blogs to help you reduce weight without major restrictions on diet. Summer Tomato by Darya Rose, a doctor of philosophy in the neuroscience field, offers amazing advice on the best dietary choices that women of all age groups can make for a healthy lifestyle. 

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18. DIY Active

DIY Active

DIY Active is a blog that encourages “home fitness.” Since we’re all busy in today’s age, you still need to schedule some time for yourself to do some fitness activities. There are so many people out there who put fitness and health on the back burner, despite knowing the fact that being fit is important for our well being. 

This blog offers you amazing tips that you can incorporate in your everyday life without even going to the gym. After all, it’s all about working out – if not at the gym, your home is the best place to start exercising while following the expert tips by DIY Active. 

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19. Runtastic

adidas Runtastic

Runtastic is a great resource for ladies who like to indulge in cardio-centric workouts. However, all posts on the blog are not about cardio. It also features interesting content on nutrition and strength training. 

Plus, the pointers and tips offered by them are quite helpful for strengthening your resolve to achieve your fitness goals. The blog also includes some success stories for uplifting your enthusiasm for starting a healthy lifestyle. 

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20. Adventures With Wellness

Adventures With Wellness by Brie Shelly, offers expert about self-care, mental health, body positivity, general wellness, and holistic approach to stay healthy. Shelly has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling. She understands that fitness can be encouraged in an individual only if they feel good about themselves and their body. So, she has started this blog that touches different aspects of the female mind, besides helping them to stay motivated to attain their fitness goals. 

She even shares advice and travel tips about careers, as well as relationships. This blog is also the go-to site for females looking for tips to stay fit while going onto their next adventure.

Final Words

When it comes to female health, the one-size-fits-all theory doesn’t fit at all. Different women face separate issues or have unique queries about their fitness and health. 

Therefore, they need to consult different online women’s health blogs for their individual inspiration, education, and empowerment for living their lives the best way possible. 

Which one out of these 10 women’s health and fitness blogs do you find suitable for yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.