Top 15 Digital Marketing Women to Follow in 2020-2021

Here are the 15 most influential digital marketing women, who have etched their name in the industry with their expertise, knowledge, hard work, and creativity.

Over the past few years, women have emerged as influential trailblazers and leaders in the digital marketing industry. However, it is not easy to become a leader in the digital marketing world. Due to the cultural mindsets and conditioned behaviors, it can be even more difficult for women to leave a mark in this field. 

There are many challenges that women have to face in this sector such as access to senior roles, recognition, and the gender pay gap. But beating the odds, there are countless women warriors who are leading their way to the top. 

We are glad to see many female marketers constantly pushing the boundaries in the world of digital marketing. To celebrate womanhood, we explore the contribution of powerful females in the field of digital marketing and their impact across the sector. 

If you wish to have a career in digital marketing, here’s the list of the top 15 female digital marketers you need to follow and learn from:

1. Melanie DezielMelanie Deziel of StoryFuel - Digital Marketing Women to Follow

Founder of StoryFuel

Melanie Deziel is the founder and brand storytelling keynote speaker of StoryFuel, which makes brand storytelling strategies for companies and also guides them on how to define and implement a plan. 

StoryFuel works to empower different brands while teaching them to have a mindset like journalists for telling better stories and reaching wider audiences. 

Melanie often travels across the globe to give keynote speeches. She also conducts workshops. 

She has shared her domain knowledge in our over 30 podcasts. 

You can follow Melanie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

2. Pamela VaughanPamela Vaughan of Hubspot Blog - Digital Marketer to Follow

Founder of Hubspot Blog

Pamela Vaughan is one of the popular names on this list. She runs the Hubspot Blog, one of the most famous content platforms on the Internet.  

According to Pamela, the concept of historical optimization has improved HubSpot blog’s search traffic and organic leads by more than 200-percent. 

Follow her to know the secrets of being on the top of the game.  

You can follow Pamela on Twitter and LinkedIn.


3. Tiffany SauderTiffany Sauder of Element Three - Digital Marketing Women to Follow

President of Element Three

Tiffany Sauder took over the Indianapolis-based digital agency, Element Three, when she was just 25 years old. Since then, she has been working as President of this digital marketing agency, one of the largest in the world.  

She managed to increase the company’s annual revenues by 100-percent and further led the organization to become the Midwest’s fastest growing agency. 

Tiffany often comes up with new campaigns to guide her team for success. If you’re wondering what’s her cookie-cutter formula for success, it is Sauder’s custom model that’s giving consistent hockey stick growth to her firm. 

You can follow Tiffany on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and  LinkedIn.

4. Clodagh HigginsClodagh Higgins of Growit Group - Internet Marketer to Follow

Founder of Growit Group

After working as Program Manager at HubSpot’s Agency Growth Team, Clodagh Higgins formed her consulting and coaching business, dubbed Growit Group. 

It is a B2B firm that helps various agencies recruit, train, and grow. 

The motto of her coaching model is to focus on the power of the people working for a company. After hiring the right people, agencies need to train them well to see constant growth. 

She happily shares all her growth secrets in her book – A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency. 

She has even been broadcasted on some of the top-tier marketing stages in the world, such as Digital Agency Expo and Traffic & Conversion Summit.

You can follow Clodagh on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

5. Rhea DrysdaleRhea Drysdale of Outspoken Media -Digital Marketing Women to Follow

CEO of Outspoken Media

One of top 15 SEO women, Rhea Draysdale is referred to as an ‘SEO guru.’ She is the leading force behind the streamlined marketing tactics of Outspoken Media. 

She is an inspiration for thousands of digital marketers worldwide, who may have heard her speak at different public conferences, such as PubCon, Search Marketing Expo, Social Media Breakfast, etc. 

Rhea used to be the content writer for Search Engine Journal. 

Later, she found her interest in making powerful digital marketing strategies. Besides being one of the top names in the digital marketing world, she is also a Board Member of Vanderheyden Hall – a New York-based agency service for youth, individual, and family.  

You can follow Rhea on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and her website.

6. Ann HandleyAnn Handley of Marketing Profs - Female marketing influencers

Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer at  Marketing Profs, a popular marketing firm known for its tools. 

With over 14 years of digital marketing experience, Ann likes to write about new strategies for growing businesses digitally. 

She is co-author of a famous book titled “Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and more) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business.”

She is also the co-founder of, an interactive commentary and marketing news website. 

You can follow Ann on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and her website.

7. Sonia SimoneSonia Simone of Copyblogger - Female marketing influencers

Co-Founder of Copyblogger

Digital marketers must be aware that Sonia Simone is the co-founder of Copyblogger, –  one of the most reputed content marketing blogs on the internet. 

Sonia has extensive experience  in helping small businesses grow. 

She has been leading her way in the industry through advanced digital marketing techniques and unique ideas about managing a business in the social media world. 

You can follow Sonia on Twitter and LinkedIn.

8. Clare McDermottClare McDermott of Mantis Research - Female marketing influencers

Former Editor of Chief Content Officer Magazine & Co-Founder of Mantis Research

Clare McDermott used to be the editor of Chief Content Officer Magazine, which is owned by Ohio’s Content Marketing Institute.

She is also the chief resource officer and co-founder at a marketing consultancy – Mantis Research. This marketing agency helps companies to create and implement original, research-based data strategies. 

With an MBA degree in Marketing and finance, Clare has worked for about 20 years in the digital marketing industry.

You can follow Clare on Twitter and LinkedIn.

9. Jennifer HudyeJennifer Hudye - Female Marketing Gurus

Founder of Conscious Copy & Co

Jennifer Hudye had sold two companies by the time she turned 19. 

It was clear that she was destined to do bigger things in the industry. 

After 6 years, she formed her own copywriting agency called Conscious Copy & Co and also worked alongside some of the top coaches, experts, and thought leaders. 

Her mission statement “the truth sells” has landed her many crucial clients, such as Billy Gene Shaw, Joe Polish, and Dean Graziosi. 

With her expert guidance and knowledge of how the digital marketing world functions, she has helped many business organizations. 

Jennifer now shares the stage with Russel Brunson, Lewis Howes, and Dan Sullivan. 

Besides being one of the most established and renowned copywriters in the digital world, she is also referred to as “the modern-day muse for entrepreneurial leaders.”

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and her website.

10. Jasmine StarJasmine Star of My Social Curator - Jasmine Star

Business Strategist & Founder of My Social Curator

Jasmine Star is among the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Using her social media platforms, such as Instagram, she has become a famous influencer. 

She even showcases her expertise in curating engaging social media content to gain more followers. 

Jasmine was featured in Forbes for helping several entrepreneurs learn how to manage their social media platforms and growing a strong fan base. 

You might be surprised by her social media strategy that doesn’t suggest you grow millions of followers in one go. Instead, she wants her clients to grow gradually and organically. 

All one has to do is increase their engagement rates on social media platforms to gain more followers. 

With this strategy, she has helped many brands and individuals gain a huge number of followers. 

If you are a social media marketing professional do follow this social-media guru! 

You can follow Jasmine on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and her website.

11. Rachel TipographRachel Tipograph - Founder & CEO of MikMakTV - Rachel Tipograph

Founder & CEO of MikMakTV

After working as Global Director of Social and Digital Media at Gap, Rachel Tipograph started her own business at the age of 24. 

With her digital marketing expertise, she even earned the spot at ‘Forbes 30 Under 30.’ Now, she is a proud advisor and early-stage investor. 

You can follow Rachel on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



12. Molly PittmanMolly Pittman of Molly Pittman of Train My Traffic Person - female marketing leaders

Co-Founder, Train My Traffic Person

You must be aware that your marketing strategies will all flounder without enough traffic. If gaining traffic has been a constant challenge for you, you may want to follow Molly Pittman to know how she does it. 

Co-founder of Train My Traffic Person and Digital Strategy Boot Camps, as well as the co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, Molly is one of the top paid-traffic experts in the digital marketing industry.  

She has also been the former VP of Marketing at Digital Marketer and has helped many marketers expand their customer base with paid traffic.

She also managed to gain a high return on investment by spending over $8mm on different Internet giants such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Molly is now working with some of the fastest growing companies in the world, such as ManyChat, Smart Passive Income, Kajabi, and more. 

She also mentors many upcoming marketers looking to specialize in paid-traffic generation. 

You can follow Molly on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

13. Natasha TakahashiNatasha Takahashi - The School of Bots - Female marketing leaders

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of the School of Bots

Being a conversational marketing expert and well-versed educator, Natasha Takahashi hosts the famous podcast – There’s a Bot For That. 

She is also the owner of a conversational marketing company that operates chatbot campaigns for various influencers and brands.  

When chatbots came around, she didn’t know much about them. But she went on to become the co-founder of the School of Bots – now a leading chatbot education brand. 

Today, they owe their valuable expertise to more than 3,500 people in over 30 countries across the globe. 

So, why not learn something valuable from this successful digital marketer?

Follow Natasha on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

14. Amber SpearsAmber Spears (Female marketing leaders) - East 5th Avenue Affiliate Management Agency

Co-Founder of East 5th Avenue Affiliate Management Agency and Mimosa Mastermind

Amber Spears is a popular launch specialist, closer, connector, and affiliate management coach. She shares her experience on her social media handles. 

Amber is the co-founder of a high-end affiliate management company called East 5th Avenue. In the last two years, this firm has generated over $28.3 million in sales and 5 million+ leads by launching docu-series in the health space.

She has also co-founded Mimosa Mastermind, an all-inclusive and tactical mastermind for wellness, health, and personal development entrepreneurs. 

With this program, she has helped many entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 

Apart from that, she has also created the SPEARS Method – an affiliate coaching and certification program for upcoming digital marketers. 

You can follow Amber on Facebook, LinkedIn, and her website.

15. Laura BelgrayLaura Belgray of Talking Shrimp - Female marketing leaders

Owner of Talking Shrimp

Need a powerhouse copywriter for your firm? You need to contact Laura Belgray. She is the founder of Talking Shrimp and co-founder of The Copy Cure. Both companies offer high-valued content to various brands and entrepreneurs in the world. 

Being an award-winning writer for almost two decades, Laura mostly works on writing promos, TV shows, upfronts, launch campaigns, book chapters, online content, and more. 

You’ll be amazed to know that some of her scripts have been performed by actors like Kevin Hart, Joan River, Kathy Griffin, and Spongebob Squarepants.

She even spoke about copywriting at Marie Forleo’s first RHH Live event. After that, she was approached by many entrepreneurs for helping them with copywriting. 

Toda, Laura is a famous name in the world of copywriting. 

You can follow Laura on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts On Digital Marketing Women

We hope that after reading about these top 15 powerful women in the digital marketing industry, you feel inspired to learn more and do more! 

Who out of these top female digital marketers do you find the most influential? Having you been following any of them already? Tell us in the comment section!