The Top 8 Industries Dominated By Women

The Top 8 Industries Dominated By Women

Women’s footprint in the jobs sector has increased massively in the last decade. Here’s a compilation of 8 industries that see the majority of women in their workforce.

The landscape of the employment market in the USA has changed considerably in the last decade. One of the distinct features of this change is the increasing participation of women citizens.

Now, while almost all the professions and industries have seen a rise in women workforce, there are certain industries, where the percentage of women labor has drastically increased – sometimes by even 20%.

In today’s article, we share 8 of those industries that are dominated by women in the US. Please take a look –

1. Social And Community Services

Social and community services is an ever-expanding field, and its importance has been felt across the world. The job, as the name suggests, basically comprises of social work, managing the outreach of backward communities, and counseling.

Social And Community Services

In order to be a social or community services manager, a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work comes in handy apart from field experiences.

2. Kindergarten Or Pre-School Teaching

Educators have always played an important role in every person’s career and outlook. A kindergarten or pre-school educator plays a vital role in shaping the child’s basic knowledge.

In the US, a typical early childhood educator has a 10-month school calendar both in public and private schools.

Kindergarten Or Pre-School Teaching

In order to be a pre-school trainer, a person needs to have an Associate Degree (pre-school) or a Bachelor’s Degree (kindergarten).

3. Dental Hygienists

All of us know the importance of dental hygienists – from cleaning our teeth to clipping them, dental hygienists have always been our go-to person. However, did you know America’s main chunk of dental hygienists are women?

Dental Hygienists

Typically, a person looking forward to being a dental hygienist needs to undertake a three-year course, following which they have to take a license from the state they wish to offer their services. The prospect of this job is extremely bright, and the average salary is around $74,820 per year.

4. Dieticians And Nutritionists

Who doesn’t wish to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food? This is exactly where the services rendered by dieticians and nutritionists come in handy.

Dieticians or nutritionists may work privately or with numerous agencies, such as hospitals, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and the list goes on.

Dieticians And Nutritionists

If you are interested in this field, you need to secure a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition or any related area, which is generally a three-year course. If you want, you may also go for higher degrees for better job prospects.

5. Childcare Services

No person can take care of babies better than a woman. This statement might seem gender-biased but it is true, nevertheless. Childcare operatives work in a large variety of settings, including hospitals, childcare facilities, households, corporate offices, and the list is endless.

Childcare Services

Their duty includes not only to monitor the child in the absence of the parents but to take care of their feeding, dressing, monitoring playtime, and in some way also personality building. While no formal training is required for the same, you will stand a chance to bag greater paid jobs if you get certified in child psychology or early childhood development.

6. Hair And Beauty Industry

Be it the salons or barbershops, typically women provide the majority of the workforce in this industry. Unlike the yesteryears, when the services of a barber or a beauty therapist would be relegated to the beauty salons, nowadays at-home services by freelance hairstylists and beauticians are being provided as well.

Hair And Beauty Industry

You could also open a business in your area of expertise for the beauty and hair industry is always open to new talents.

If you wish to enter this industry, you need to have a certificate course in either hair or beauty.

7. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

If you love animals, you would surely want to give this prospect a chance. Non-farm animal caretakers are people responsible for feeding, exercising, and grooming animals across numerous settings, including zoos, animal farms, and even aquariums.

Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

No; you won’t require any formal training as such but interning with various farms and a passion towards animal care will come in much handy if you’re interested in this job.

8. Speech Or Language Pathologists

One of the most demanding jobs of the time is that of a speech or language pathologist. They are healthcare providers who specifically work with kids, who face difficulty in speaking or communicating.

Sometimes, speech or language pathologists also work with adults with language or speech impairments owing to any disease or illness, such as dementia, stroke, and others.

Speech Or Language Pathologists

If you wish to be a speech or language pathologist, you would need a Master’s degree alongside a state license, where you would want to practice.

I hope this compilation of the top 8 women-dominated industries was helpful to you. If you would want to add any to this list, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below.