Seven Skincare Myths Women Fall For Too Easily

Seven Skincare Myths Women Fall For Too Easily

We live in an age when the digital world is on its mark to bombard us with skincare advice and products. Every alternate day a new skincare product or even a new brand gets launched. And we, as consumers, always make it a point to try out literally everything we find on the supermarket shelves just so we can get the Holy Grail for our skin. From trying out skin acids to skin oils and chemical peels to weird homemade recipes, we have tried literally everything under the sun to make our skin resemble glow balls.

Ladies, we need to stop this madness. This is because the marketing gimmicks and social media tend to make us believe in a lot of skin care myths, which end up doing a lot more harm to our skin than good. In today’s article, we are going to share some of the basic skincare myths that you might have been believing thanks to the TV and digital celebrities. Let’s see how guilty you are in this skincare game –

Skincare Myth #1: You Can Close Or Shrink Down Your Facial Pores

Come sun, shower or hail, your facial pores will never close or shrink down. If you have pores, you shall have it all your life. 

However, you can use good cleansers and gentle exfoliators to keep your pores unclogged so that your skin looks great and smooth.

Skincare Myth #2: More SPF Means Better Results, Always

Whenever the thought of getting sun protection crosses our minds, we tend to pick up the product with the most SPF. But does it make any sense? No! 

The damage is caused by UVA and UVB rays. However, SPF protects you only against UVB rays, which are responsible for sunburns. UVA rays don’t cause sunburns but they have longer wavelengths and are prone to be more damaging for our skin in general.

So, if you want to protect your skin from sun damages, get a sunscreen with SPF effectively between 30 and 50; make sure it contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, ecamzule, titanium dioxide, etc. that protect you from UVA rays as well.

Skincare Myth #3: Face Wipes Are Great Alternatives To Makeup Removers

With the makeup removal wipes flooding the markets, we often tend to reason out the need for cleansing creams and lotions. After all, wipes are so easy to handle!

Ladies, if you are guilty of performing the same ritual every night, you need to stop it now. 

While on rare occasions facial wipes are good options, they should not be used on a regular basis as they are just good enough to remove a basic layer of dirt and grime. Essentially, wipes cannot deep-cleanse your face, thus making your skin more prone to clogged pores and pimples. A gentle cleanser on a regular basis is far better than facial wipes.

Skincare Myth #4: Organic Is Better Than “Chemical” Products

At a time when the entire world is striving to eliminate harsh chemicals from our daily food, marketers are seemingly using this opportunity to drag down the organic and chemical debate in the makeup/skincare arena. 

However, as far as skincare is concerned, remember that all organic products may not suit your skin. There are numerous mineral oils – like ylang ylang oil or even sandalwood oil – that may irritate your skin and even cause breakouts. Even blatant natural products like oats, milk, honey, and yogurt may not suit everyone alike. 

So, if you are someone who gets attracted to everything “all-natural”, beware. It is always good to know your skin type before getting a hand on any products. For example, if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to stay away from citrus mineral oils and even mint oils. Alternatively, you may use few drops of tea tree oil in your regular face-wash regularly if you have acne and pimples. In short, education on your skin type is always necessary.

Skincare Myth #5: Don’t Use Moisturizers If You Have Oily Skin

This is by far one of the biggest myths ever. Being a person with oily skin, I can vouch for the futility of this myth. 

If you don’t moisturize your oily skin properly, the skin tries to make up for the dryness by producing excess oil, thereby causing massive breakouts. In fact, it is one of the prime reasons that people with oily skin breakout more often. 

So, even if you have oily skin, follow the Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing (CTM) routine effectively, and you shall see brilliant results in days to come.

Skincare Myth #6: Anti-aging Products Minimize Wrinkles

Contrary to what the advertisements tend to preach, wrinkle-lift creams are just marketing gimmicks. Once the skin shows fine lines and wrinkles, reverting it to baby skin is essentially a daunting task.

However, on using the right products and following a proper skincare routine, you can delay the occurrence of these lines and wrinkles to a much later day in your life. And in case you want to get rid of your wrinkles completely, minimally invasive techniques such as Botox are the sole way out, darling!

Skincare Myth #7: Stop Eating Junk, Your Pimples Will Fly Off

No, no, no! If you think junk is the reason for your pimples, you are absolutely mistaken. 

Yes, fried junkies are bad for your health and skin but they are obviously not the sole reason. 

Internal issues, such as polycystic ovary syndrome or disease can cause pathetic breakouts so can anemia. Too much mental stress can also cause breakouts. So, if you are experiencing too many breakouts, it’s time to consult your dermatologist!

Ladies, we live in an age of technology and science. Surely, skincare products now are much better in comparison to what we would get years ago. But let’s not have the marketing professionals fool us – read the ingredients and components of a product well before you try on your skin. It’s really worth your while.