How To Have A Successful Relationship With A Woman

How To Have A Successful Relationship With A Woman

“Relationships are hard,” – this is perhaps the foremost phrase that you may get to hear whenever you discuss relationships with your friends or family. The statement could not be truer in the present context, where failed relationships and ugly breakups make food for gossips at office, in college, at playgrounds – literally everywhere. True, relationships are difficult – but if you nurture it rightly, your relationship may just be the one that “death does apart”.

When talking about relationships in 2020, people easily blame women for failures. Sometimes the woman was too much career-oriented while at other times she was far too ambitious and too bossy to have a successful relationship. Boy, if you have been hearing this far too often, don’t bat an eyelid to these premonitions. Instead, focus on having a relationship with a woman based on equality and mutual respect. We promise that modern women do not crave for anything more than these. And if you are still keen to know the secret behind a successful relationship with a woman in 2020, here’s our full-proof tips and tricks –

1. Relationships are not Bondages

One of the first things that you ought to remember if you are in a mature relationship is that love is a beautiful bond and not a bondage. We understand that initially you might tend to be a bit possessive, especially if she has numerous male colleagues or classmates. However, if that possessiveness tends to stretch over a prolonged period or become the crux of most of your fights, you need to back off. If something still bothers you, it is better to talk it out with her than being unreasonably jealous or possessive.

2. Communication is Key

Often when a relationship becomes old, partners tend to take each other for granted. You feel the spark in her is absolutely gone and she has just become like any other woman. Now first let us tell you, she might feel the same way about you. So, instead of playing the blame game, start communicating the way you used to before. Go on dates or simply indulge in activities that you both loved doing together. Also, talk to her – sometimes even the mundane things like giving updates about a bad day at office or a regular day in college may go a long way in keeping the spark alive.

3. Empower Each other in Every Way Possible

Relationships in the modern times are not about a man and a woman but about two equals agreeing to live a life together, in their own terms. So, just like a man always wants his beloved to support him in every endeavor he undertakes, the same applies in case of the woman as well. Your woman might be an extremely self-reliant person, but that does not mean your emotional availability or support is meaningless to her. Just a warm hug at the end of a tiresome day or making her a cup of coffee while she is working late night goes a long way in making her feel empowered and loved.

4. Be Honest – be Her Foremost Critique

The social media and the digital space often airs “memes” or short “funny” videos of how women cannot take criticism in her own stride. Well, if you have been one to laugh with those videos, we truly pity you for real women are anything but sheer attention seekers. If you are in a relationship with an independent modern woman, don’t simply go on to say what she might like to hear. A happy relationship is based on honesty; and as a woman, I can vouch that modern girls need a partner who can call a spade, a spade. If you don’t like something she has written or cooked or created, tell her in sober words. She might feel bad initially but her love and respect for you will only manifold in times to come. She will know she can count on you and trust you unconditionally.

5. Respect Her for Who She Is

Your partner may be a struggling entrepreneur, an ambitious corporate executive, a hands-down stay-at-home mum or an artist. Whoever she is, she demands respect from you – it is her right and, as a thoughtful partner, the least you can do is respect her. As a couple, you both are bound to fight sometimes, and that’s okay. However, it is not okay to taunt her for who she is and for the career choices she has made. Her choices define her as a woman, and mocking the same will never get the relationship anywhere. Remember, mutual respect is the key for any relationship to not just survive but thrive.

There you go! Those were the top five rational tips that we could offer to help you have a long-lasting relationship. Before signing off, we would urge you to remember that happiness is a state of mind. If the two people in a relationship are able to be their nonchalant selves always, happiness can never be elusive.