How To Deal With Negative Comments About Your Relationship

How To Deal With Negative Comments About Your Relationship

A relationship is an extremely delicate affair. It has to be nurtured with heart, yet a single misunderstanding or an ounce of negativity can ruin it beyond repair.  

Not everyone will comment on your relationship straight on your face; but thanks to social media, wayward judgments and negative comments are easier to pass on. And if you keep facing it often, directly or indirectly you would never know when those nasty comments dent your relationship forever. Nobody wants that. 

So, here are some practical solutions to keep those nasty comments at bay, and live your relationship happily –

1. Turn a Blind Eye to Negativity

Often, the best way to deal with negativity is to decide not to react.

If you retaliate more than once, you risk trying too hard to prove the commenter wrong. This, in turn, might loosen an array of negative comments.

Most people give up as soon as they find you are smart enough not to take the bait. 

2. For One Negative Comment, Count Four Positives

There may be occasions when ignoring a negative person is not an option. 

What if your best buddy or a relative is on a flaw-finding mission? 

Each time they come up with something nasty, try and elucidate at least four positives in your relationship for every negative comment. 

If you cannot say it on their face, just write it down at night or make it a part of the positive self-talk. This little effort on your part will calm your nerves. 

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3. If Possible, Reach Out to the Person Privately and Personally

Repeated negative comments on any relationship – let alone a romantic or emotional one – may shatter it completely. 

If you find a single person repeatedly mean-mouthing your relationship, the best way forward is to take the bull by the horns. A face-to-face encounter may seem intimidating but you have to make your move to put an end to verbal abuse.  

This way, you can understand the exact reason why this person has been so critical of the relationship you have with another person and persuade them to change their views or at least keep their thoughts to themselves. 

4. Trust Your Partner All Through This

Repeated negative comments on your relationship may sometimes lead you to question your partner. And trust me, that’s the most absurd thing you can do.

If you really are in love with your partner and know his good and bad sides, you wouldn’t want any wayward jerk to foul-mouth your relationship. 

If possible, you can always talk to your partner about all the negativity coming your way so you can deal with the mess together.

5. Confide in Your Partner

If you feel someone is being jealous of your relationship, don’t trivialize the situation. In circumstances like this, try and confide every detail to your partner. 

Don’t let any gap prevail between you for miscommunication is one of the prime relationship vices you have to be wary of. 

Once you and your partner are on the same page, it is much easier to deal with people, whether at home/college/work or elsewhere, who just can’t stop broadcasting their ill-informed opinions. 

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6. Cut Off All the Negative People

For some people, this is the last resort. 

You may need to sever all ties with the person spewing negativity. The person can be a good friend, friendly neighbor or a relative. But, no one has the right to judge your relationship or disturb your peace of mind. 

So, there was our pragmatic take on how to deal with negativity about your relationship. Hope this has helped you. If you would want to add some more to this list, feel free to write to us in the comments below.