Career Strategies For Women: Seven Tips That Work

Career Strategies For Women: Seven Tips That Work

This is almost the third decade of the twenty-first century. And if you ask us, this decade belongs to the women. Women today are far more professional and focused on career growth than they were 10 years back. From starting their own ventures to dominating the sports industry,  women are everywhere and literally rocking it.

However, when it comes to the number of women excelling in their careers when compared to their male counterparts, the number of women in business (across industries) is pretty low. While patriarchal powers, social status, etc. maybe a few of the reasons behind this lag, sometimes it is also the inability to adhere to a proper career strategy that plays a significant part in curbing the prospects of a woman. Let’s take a look at some practical strategies that play a definitive part in shaping a woman’s career –

1. Educate and Train Yourself as Much as You Can

Education and training are valued across industries and make you a valuable asset for any organization. So, prioritize your education and try to gain the necessary professional skills early on in your life. 

2. Excel in Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Effective communication and efficient interpersonal skills are vital not only while setting up a business but also for efficient management and better client-dealings. 

Being an extrovert in these circumstances always give you an upper-hand. 

However, if you are not much of an extrovert, you can still enhance your interpersonal and communication skills by listening to various podcasts, participating more in extempore and debates, and by taking extra classes.

3. Plan Your Career Ahead

If you want to excel in your career, do have definitive goals. Being a woman, there might come numerous obstacles your way. So, having a definite career goal always helps you to prepare for the challenges beforehand. 

Having a career goal also makes you more productive and urges you to work for it despite facing serious challenges. Once you are done with setting up a career goal, prepare a list of sub-goals or immediate goals you have to achieve in order to achieve that major goal. 

Having such distinctions help you to manage your career better and focus on what’s on hand rather than fussing over the attainment of the greater goal.

4. Improve Your Network

No matter what career you choose, having a good network circle can help you in more ways than you can imagine. 

The right people can help you get a job, connect you with potential clients, or advise you on matters that concern your professional growth. 

5. Find a Mentor or a Guide

A mentor can set you on the right path, help you avoid making common mistakes and lift you up when you fall. 

A mentor can be a teacher, professor, trainer, friend or anyone else, as long as they have first-hand experience or knowledge of the field that appeals to you the most. You can rely on such a person each time there is a crisis or when you struggle with confusion and indecision.

Don’t just look exasperatingly for a mentor – it has to be someone whom you can trust and admire.

6. Be Technology Savvy

In today’s age and time, you just cannot excel in your career without knowing the basic technological know-how. 

In this era of working remotely or attending overseas conferences right from the comfort of your office, knowing and understanding the various facets of the Internet and digital tools is absolutely mandatory. 

Not just in your business dealings, knowledge of the internet is also essential when you want to enhance your learning curve through online courses.

7. Promote Your skills

The 21st  century is definitely not the time to be modest about your skills. If you are great at something and are confident of it, show it to the world. This is especially true if you are working in an office environment with severe competition – your skills can not only help the company but also be your invisible staircase to success.

Well, those were our practical career tips for you. All said and done, do have confidence in yourself and your abilities and hold yourself in high esteem through your failures. These two qualities will see through your struggle and help you achieve the zenith of success. All the best!