Best and Healthy Hair Care Routine For Her

Best and Healthy Hair Care Routine For Her

Haircare regimen for the 21st-century women – tips and tricks to get lustrous hair without inviting too much hassle.

Healthy, shiny, lustrous hair is every girl’s dream. No matter whether you love to wear your hair short or long, curly or straight – hair fall, dandruff, and thinning hair are something no one wants, ever. 

However, owing to pollution, sun damage, and other lifestyle issues, our hair – no matter how good and well-behaving – is always far from being perfect. Don’t you agree?

Since times immemorial, lustrous hair has been associated with unparalleled beauty. Ancient beauty regimes speak tons about how important a good hair care routine was to maintain and preserve the vitality of a person’s youth. However, that era is way gone now. This is the 21st century; no one has got the time to follow archaic hair care routines, no matter how good they are! 

But does that mean you will neglect your hair? Of course, not!

So, for all the ladies trying to get hold of the ultimate hair care routine that suits the vibe (and work against the pollution) of the 21st century, you’re at the right place. Keep reading –

1. Oiling Is Not Passé!

Whoever told you that oiling is bad for you probably couldn’t have been more wrong! Oiling does not mean just smearing the hair with oil – rather, it means massaging the head with oil (or a mixture of oils) that help in relieving stress while stimulating the hair follicles to rejuvenate. 

Oil massaging offers numerous benefits; it can help moisturize hair & scalp, strengthen hair follicles, treat split ends, restore lost luster, and reduce hair fall. 

Massaging the hair regularly with the right oil also provides proper nutrients to the hair, thereby bringing back the lost luster. If you are experiencing hair fall issues, there are specific oils that prompt the growth of hair.

2. Shampoo Every Alternate Day

There is a hullaballoo on the number of times you should wash your hair. However, as far as our knowledge is concerned, shampooing every alternate day – nearly thrice every week – should be made a gospel truth. 

Shampooing every day might strip your hair of some vital oils and nutrients while keeping your hair dirty for long may make your hair oscillate between extreme oiliness and severe dryness. And, we are sure you don’t want that, right?

3. Comb It The Right Way

Combing hair is one of the most essential parts of a healthy hair care routine though we seldom care about it. To start with, it is always a good idea to comb the hair from tip to root – this ensures lesser hair breakage. 

While most of us know that combing wet hair isn’t a good idea, what we don’t care about is the material of the comb itself. It is always recommended to use a wooden comb with wide bristles for minimum hair loss while brushing. If you are not already using a wooden comb or brush, do make this one change and see how lustrous it grows with very little effort. 

4. Condition Every Day, Deep-Condition Every Week

Always follow up the shampoo with a good conditioner that is specifically crafted for your hair type. Conditioning the hair makes sure it’s manageable all day long and the breakage is at a minimum. 

Alongside conditioning regularly with store-bought conditioners, you should target a weekly deep-conditioning session. 

Nope – the session does not have to be a salon visit; you can do the same right at your home using natural products like yogurt, honey, banana, oatmeal, eggs, and even beer. There are innumerable recipes available, but if you ask us, our favorite has to be the egg-olive oil-honey protein hair mask. It’s super easy and makes you fall in love with your hair instantly.

5. Trim Your Hair Every Three Months

No matter how good your hair, for it to look healthy, you need to get rid of the split ends at regular intervals. In today’s pollution, split-ends are bound to occur no matter how healthy your hair is. So, a regular hair trim is always mandatory to chop those loose ends off and give your hair a neat, fuller look.

So, those were some ideas to build up a solid hair care regimen – short and smart made for 21st-century women. However, don’t forget to supplement this hair care regimen with lots of water and Vitamin C intake. Also, try to get a sound 6-8 hours sleep – after all, the key to good hair is good overall health.