A Working Woman’s Guide To Maintain Work-Life Balance

A Working Woman’s Guide To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Creating a division in personal and professional lives is extremely difficult. These few practical hacks will help women in creating a healthy work-life balance.

We are at a time when women are making their presence felt across industries and designations. From entering the space as an astronomer to becoming leading entrepreneurs – we are literally rocking it everywhere. Yet even in the 21st century, women are not relieved from managing the household. No matter what hat you wear as a professional, it is expected of you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We do wish things change but since it is not changing anytime now, we thought of sharing some realistic hacks to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Take a look –

1. Maintain A To-Do List For Everyday

Just like you maintain a to-do list for all your professional appointments and meetings, try maintaining a to-do list for your personal commitments also. 

Keep these to-do lists as fuss-free and precise as possible. 

For example, if you have to help your child with homework, assign a time to it. In this way, you shall be able to manage all your tasks efficiently.

2. Don’t Rush In The Mornings

We know it’s difficult but if you can sort your mornings, we promise you shall be able to manage your day beautifully. 

Just managing a few things the night before can help you have a relatively easy morning. 

Simple things like packing your office bag, prepping the breakfast for the next day, and keeping your kids’ clothes ready for the next day will go on to save a lot of chaos in the morning. 

Besides making your day relatively easier, a chaos-free morning also means spending some quality time with your family over breakfast.

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3. Don’t Bring Your Professional Life To Home

In this digital age, we are never really off from work. Even at home, we tend to receive client calls or have to spend a considerable time on laptop reviewing some project or making some sort of presentation or the other.

But ladies let not work robe you off some vital time with your family. 

In this regard, you can communicate your plight with your boss, and keep your professional life strictly within your office premises.

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4. Keep A Family Weekend Plan At Hand

Often we get so busy with work that weekend gateways and relaxation seem out of question. But ladies, you do need these breaks not just for your family but also for your mental peace. 

So, just like you receive an official calendar every month, plan your family calendar at the beginning of every month. 

You can create a family calendar with your partner or spouse so that it becomes easier to take those li’l breaks or getaways.

5. Learn The Art Of Delegation

It is understandable that it is sometimes impossible to manage everything alone. It’s high time we acknowledge it and stop juggling between the two worlds. 

Sit and decide on the things where a little bit of help is needed. 

For example, if you think you need help in your domestic work, a house-help may be of great help. Or, you and your spouse may divide the chores. 

If you feel the need for some help at work, speak with your colleagues or your boss. 

Seek help now, and your mind and body will thank you later!

6. Take Out Some Time For Yourself

A good work-life balance does not always mean making sure to have a separate life. It also means taking some time for yourself in your busy schedule. No matter how hard it seems, try to take out at least 15 to 30 minutes for yourself.

Spend the time doing what you love the most – take care of your fitness, read, indulge in skincare, literally do whatever that helps you relax, and make you happy. This “me-time” will help to clarify your mind to a great extent.

7. Indulge In Some Hobby

The most tried-and-tested formula to have a great work-life balance is to indulge in some hobby once in a week at least. It may be photography, painting, or anything you feel indulging yourself in.

A hobby will completely take your mind off work and help you rejuvenate your mind. You will be in a position to concentrate both on your personal and professional lives better, which ultimately will lead to a healthy work-life balance.

Those were some ways you can help create a healthy work-life balance. If you feel we have missed out on some points, do feel free to write it in the comments section below.