7 Best Ways Women Professionals Can Stay Healthy At Work

7 Best Ways Women Professionals Can Stay Healthy At Work

Health is wealth. It is one of the most overused quotes in professional workspaces yet most of the corporates do not seem to bother the least about the health of the employees. Yes, regular medical check-ups and occasional “Zumba fitness” sessions are held at some places, but can they become a legitimate replacement for following a healthy lifestyle? No. And with the corporate hours becoming more monstrous by the day, health and wealth are becoming two sides of a coin slowly.

As far as fitness in the modern world is considered, things become a bit too difficult for the woman, who has numerous roles to fit in to, especially after marriage. Besides the massive workload, there is also a pool of lifestyle diseases that await a busy, modern woman. In short, there is no respite for a working lady and time management is difficult to keep up with. I can see a lot of you nodding in affirmation to this. But ladies, you’ve to do what you gotta do! A healthy mind and a healthy body are synonymous with better productivity and a happy life in general. So, here’s sharing a few extremely easy tips you can inculcate in your daily schedule to stay fit and healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated

One of the easiest things that you can do at your office to stay fit is drinking plenty of fluid. While water is the best drink to sip on while you’re at your professional space, you can also supplement yourself with glucose and even coconut water, if possible. If you stay in the hotter regions, you can also carry mint and lime water to rejuvenate your body every now and often. However, make sure you don’t add any soda lest it may beat its purpose.

2. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

One of the most vicious things that we can do to our body is depriving it of a healthy breakfast. From experienced nutritionists and doctors to yoga experts, everyone stresses the importance of a hearty breakfast. Even if you are late for work and do not get time to eat anything wholesome before coming to work, make sure you at least eat a banana before coming to work. Make sure to grab a quick sandwich for breakfast after you get to the office. Overnight oatmeal also works wonders when it comes to quick breakfast and easy breakfast.

3. Stock Healthy Munchies In Your Workstation

Nutritionists and fitness experts from around the globe often stress the importance of keeping our workstations stocked with healthy and wholesome munchies, such as dry fruits, nuts, and muesli. These will curb your hunger pangs and see to it that you don’t end up having unnecessarily fattening food. Also, get away with all the cookies, cakes and other sugary items that you may generally keep. The idea of good health and a fit body is neither to deprive yourself of food nor to have sugary munchies when hungry. It is simply to eat wholesome food and not let yourself starve. Having wholesome munchies will further eliminate your risk of PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Disease/ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) to a great extent.

4. Pace Around Your Office Space Once In Every Hour

Try and be active even when you have essentially a sedentary job. You can do so by taking frequent breaks and just pacing around your office space or floor every hour. If you can do so every half-an-hour, it is better. But considering the work pressure and deadlines in our day to day lives, getting up and pacing about every one hour is also good enough. Just don’t spend the entire day in the chair, no matter how busy you are – take it up as a challenge.

5. Maintain A Good Posture

With all the workload and constant working on the desktop or the laptop, we understand how easy it is to lose your proper seating posture. It does require a conscious effort on a regular basis to inculcate a good posture but, in the long term, it is absolutely worth your while. Maintaining a good posture will not only help you relax your neck and back (bye-bye neck pain and backaches) but also ensure proper digestion even when you are limiting your movement or activity to a great extent.

6. Maintain A Period Tracker

In this modern age, when PCOD/PCOS has become literally as common as getting pimples, it is always healthy to maintain a period tracker. It will enable you to track your regularity even when you are extremely busy with your workload. There are various mobile apps available that track your period and warn you in case of any excessive delay.

7. Learn To Manage Stress

A fit body without a fit mind does not get a person anywhere. And when it is a woman at the receiving end – who has to manage both work and house – the stress only manifolds. Does that mean you will have to live with stress? Absolutely not, and it is here that we cannot help but stress the importance of meditation. Even 10 minutes of quick meditation after lunch hours might help to alleviate stress to a great extent. Or, when things get too difficult to control, just relax and deep breathe. We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s also worth giving a try.

So ladies, now that you know about some easy tricks to gain health even in the competitive and professional sphere, it is time to get into action. We promise you effective results if you incorporate these tips as lifestyle changes.