5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure

5 Things Men Do To Make Women Feel Insecure

Some habits exhibited by men take a toll on women’s self-confidence and self-image. Women not only feel insecure but also walk on the path of self-hatred.

A romantic relationship stands on extremely volatile terrain. Love, respect, and faith are the three pillars balancing a relationship, and there’s literally no space for jealousy, double-standards, and insecurity. 

While jealousy and double-standards are intrinsic to a person, insecurity is essentially the lack of self-confidence, caused by external factors, including how your partner behaves in a relationship.

In today’s article, we shall talk about five ways in which men knowingly and unknowingly make women feel insecure in a relationship. Take a look –

1) Ignoring Text Messages From The Partner

Often in a long relationship, we tend to take our partners for granted. This can be made out of the way we reciprocate to the texts sent by our partners. Dear men, if you are reading this, do make it a point to reply to our messages at least when you get free from work.

Replying to texts is nowadays regarded as basic courtesy. And if you are really in love with your wife or girlfriend, you would know she deserves that respect and love.  

Ignoring Text Messages From The Partner

And if you think she “disturbs” you by flooding your inbox with texts, you better talk to her about it rather than ignoring her altogether.

2) Eyeing Other Women At Parties

This is a complete no-brainer yet so common at every party we attend. It is understandable that other girls grab your attention at parties. However, this does not mean that you will start ogling at her, completely ignoring your girl.

Guys, if you are reading this, trust me even we tend to like other men at parties. Do we ever make you feel bad about it or ignore you completely and go about dancing with other men? Of course, not! 

Eyeing Other Women At Parties

Finding someone more attractive is normal but what is not normal is forgetting the person who deserves all your attention for simply loving you unconditionally.

3) Hiding About Your Ex

Let us be practical here. Everyone has a past, an ex. And no matter how much you want to shut that chapter, it is always a good idea to talk about it to your partner, especially if it ended on bitter terms.

Hiding About Your Ex

Bitter past relationships can often cast its gruesome shadow over your present – what if she comes to know about your past from some other person? Stories from your past from a third person will definitely make her feel insecure. So, it is always a genial idea to communicate the same with her for a happy life together.

4) Not Introducing Her To Friends And Family

If a woman has made you an integral part of your life, she deserves to be introduced to your friends and family. 

Every person wishes to be a part of his/her partner’s innermost circle – which mostly comprises of friends and family.

Not Introducing Her To Friends And Family

But when you don’t introduce your girlfriend to them, it is imperative to think about the future of your relationship – are you dating her just casually? Are you not proud of her beauty? 

Questions as such are bound to nestle in her mind when you don’t let your besties and parents meet her even after dating for quite some time.

5) Picking Her Flaws Every Now And Then

No person is 100% perfect – neither your girl nor you. Despite knowing this fact, some men keep deriding their women; picking out flaws in not only their habits but also in the way they look. When confronted, they often say they are joking – but the repetition of such jokes only goes on to shatter our self-confidence. 

Picking Her Flaws Every Now And Then

Trust me, even after the relationship breaks, it takes days and even months to repair this broken self-image.


Dear men, if you have read this article so far, please understand that your lady loves are human, too, with their own set of flaws and perfection. Please treat her with respect and try not to indulge in anything that might hurt her confidence. Be her pillar to success and not the road to self-loathing.