15 Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020-21 Popular and Successful Ones

15 Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020-21 | Popular and Successful Ones

Struggling with ideas to start your own business? Here are 15 popular, budget-friendly small business ideas for women to pursue in 2020-21.

The 21st-century women are career-minded, smart, and competent. They don’t shy away from chasing their dreams irrespective of any situation.

While many women in today’s time find it easy to pursue the career they like, others struggle a lot when deciding on a suitable business idea.  

To be a successful businesswoman, you have to choose the right business idea that not only interests you but also gives you a higher return on investment (ROI). 

But if you want to be self-employed and are low on capital, remember there are various low-budget business ideas for women. 

This means you can start with a small budget and gradually traverse the growth-curve.

Why Small Business Ideas for Women?

For some women, the family is their priority no 1.

Maybe there’s some other reason that she cannot join a full-time job in a corporate world. 

No matter what’s your reason, there are amazing small business ideas for women which if implemented can help you stand tall on your feet while balancing your personal and professional lives

Another good thing about small business ideas for ladies is that they require less capital. 

The best part is that such small businesses can be started on a small-scale from your house as well. That’s why many females today are attracted to work from home small-scale businesses. 

Small business for women in the USA: Popular and Successful Ones

Employment rate of women in the United States from 1990 to 2019

Employment Rate in US for Women

Business ideas for women at home enable them to work at their desired pace while discharging other, important duties. 

This way the ladies can be solo-entrepreneurs or build a big business without having to leave their home. 

Here are the 15 most popular and successful small business ideas for women in 2020 to get inspired to kickstart their life in a new direction.

#1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for women at home. 

It enables you to work at flexible hours, according to the timing that suits you the best.  

All you need to do is to develop a website and start writing articles on a niche that interests you the most. 

Blogging Career for Women

When you’re able to bring in enough website traffic (or visitors) to your blog every month, you’ll start earning. 

People often get paid for blogging, so it’s a great low-investment idea. 

You may begin with a blog as per your interest, such as travel blog, food blog, beauty blog, etc. With time, bloggers can make around USD 1,000 to USD 10,000 per month.

#2. Affiliate Marketing

It is a form of marketing where you promote another company’s products or services on the Internet. 

For taking care of their advertising, a company compensates third-parties to create more leads or traffic to their business services and products. 

The job of the third-party or affiliate marketer is to promote company products. 

An affiliate marketer earns a commission on each sale or leads generated. 

Nowadays, affiliate marketing has become a popular way of making money online and a great source of income for home entrepreneurs. 

How much can you earn as an affiliate marketer? Well, the sky is truly the limit. 

#3. Proofreader

The job of a proofreader is to make sure that the written content is accurate grammatically and typographically. 

They even keep checking on spellings, syntax, punctuation, formatting errors, etc. 

They use their knowledge, judgment, skill, and experience while checking the work of the editor, designer/typesetter, and author.  

Proofreader - Small Business Ideas for Women

Since people want to be confident and sure that their text is completely error-free, professional proofreaders are often consulted by authors and typesetters. 

As a proofreader, you can earn somewhere around USD 25 to USD 45 on an hourly basis. 

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#4. Freelance Writing

As the name suggests, it’s a practice of writing content for money while being self-employed.

Freelance writers have to generate text that’s required by their clients. They generally work from home. 

Freelance Writing - Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020-21

Many freelance writers charge according to the amount of work and effort they put into a particular project. 

While the cost per project or article may vary from writer to writer, generally a freelance writer earns somewhere around USD 24,000 to USD 115,000 per year.

#5. Cleaning service

Are you into cleaning and organizing your house, and won’t mind doing it for others as well?

If so, you can easily turn your habit into a profession. 

It is one of the creative business ideas for women to start a new business with simple planning, dedication, and promotion. 

Cleaning service - Small Business Ideas for Girls

With the help of a few staff members, you may offer cleaning services to apartment complexes, homeowners, and commercial property owners. 

Many cleaning companies charge up to USD 30 to USD 40 per hour. This is indeed a straightforward business that involves a small overhead and requires less planning to get noticed. 

For differentiating your small business from other cleaning companies, you may think of adding premium options such as exterior power washing, floor waxing, etc.. 

These extra services can give you an edge in the local market. 

#6. Social media influencer

In recent years, social media influencers have gained a lot of attention. A social media influencer has credibility in a certain industry. 

With a large number of followers and reach on a particular online platform, they can persuade others to follow or use a specific product. 

best business ideas for womens - Social media influencer

There are many brands and companies today that approach social media influencers for paid sponsorship or promotion of their products or services. 

Being a social media influencer, you have to maintain an active online presence on different online networks, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

On average, they earn around USD 1,000 per 100,000, depending upon the total number of followers they have.

#7. Online Shop on Amazon

Amazon is a great platform to implement some simple business ideas for women. On this platform, you can open an online shop to sell different products. 

You can find some good deals on products at a local store or source goods from another location. 

Online Shop on Amazon - Women Business Idea

Purchase goods at a low price and resell them on Amazon for a profit. 

Depending upon the scale of operations, amazon sellers can earn as much as USD 10 million per year.

#8. Life Coach

A life coach is another one of the top business ideas for women. 

It’s the right business idea for someone who loves to motivate others and is really good at it! 

Women Small Business Idea - Life Coach

As a certified life coach, you can earn around USD 70 to USD 260 per session. 

#9. Transcription

Transcription is the process of documenting everything that’s being in either a video or audio. 

There are many ways to transcribe video or audio content. 

More specifically, transcription for subtitling is more time-intensive because it requires time-codes in particular hours – minutes – seconds – frames. 

Transcription Business Idea for Women

Therefore, a transcriber needs to ensure that the viewers get enough time to read every subtitle on the screen on the corresponding movie/video frame. Usually, a transcriptionist charges around USD 15 per hour for every audio or video transcription. 

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#10. Fitness trainer

Today, so many people want to stay healthy and fit. For that, they do need the help of a fitness trainer to guide them through the right exercise routine and eating right. 

So, if you love to stay fit and have ample knowledge in this field, you can start fitness training as a career. This is an amazing business idea for ladies who not only will earn money by helping others stay fit but also keep themselves healthy. 

Fitness trainer - Business Idea for Her

You do require a certification, degree, and some hands-on experience to work as a fitness trainer. I

The hourly wages of a fitness trainer vary. You can earn around USD 10 to USD 50 per hour. You can even start your YouTube channel or create online lessons that people can subscribe to on eLearning platforms. 

#11. Photography

Do you love photography? 

Buy a high-quality camera and build a portfolio. 

Your small business can provide photography services for events, weddings, parties, festivals, etc. 

Photography as Women Profession

You may even use social media platforms to spread the word. Professional photographers earn around USD 30,000 a year.

#12. Social Media Manager

It is another interesting career option to start at home. 

Social media managers represent a firm across different social media platforms. 

They even respond to the comments and frame new content for specific brands or companies. These experts offer their valuable guidance for enhancing a company’s online presence. 

Social Media Manager - Unique Business Idea for Her

Today, almost every business needs recognition online. So, a social media manager can help them get noticed by larger audiences online. Social media managers earn around USD 65,000 per year.

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#13. Travel Agent

A travel agent is a private retailer offering travel and tourism-based services to the public. 

A travel agency is a great business idea for females who love to travel and can organize outdoor recreation activities, car rentals, airlines, cruise lines, railways, hotels, package tours, and more. 

Travel Agent - Business Idea for a Lady

The earnings of travel agents vary from USD 25,000 to USD 60,000 per year. But it also depends on their experience, several clients, and the organization skills of the travel agent. 

#14. Interior Designer

If you are creative and love to decorate homes or commercial spaces, maybe interior design work is your right calling. 

It is a great business idea for women, who like making indoor spaces beautiful and functional at the same time. The interior designer works as per the requirements of a given space while selecting the right decorative items, lighting, and materials for a particular setup.  

Business for ladies with low investment

It’s important to complete a professional course before getting into this business. 

The average earning of an interior designer is approximately USD 51,000 per year.

#15. Food Service 

What if you start your own food service company? If you like cooking, nothing is stopping you from being a food entrepreneur. 

All you require is a space for cooking and a marketing plan.  

Food Service - Business for ladies with low investment

Kiosks, Carts, and food trucks have become quite popular these days. But you need to figure out the food preference of the customers in a specific area by conducting a small survey. 

After that, you may begin with your small food startup of BBQ, nutrition-conscious food, cakes, cupcakes, vegan meals, or any other specific food that you like to prepare. Such businesses often earn around USD 55,000 per year.

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Final Words

Did you like any of these creative business ideas for women? You may choose from any of these ideas that interest you. 

Remember, the hardest thing for most people is to get started.